Almig Condensate Management

Efficient Condensate Management: Enhancing the Performance and Longevity of Compressed Air Systems.

Almig ALM-D

ALMiG’s ALM-D condensate drains play a vital role in effectively managing condensate within compressed air systems.


ALM-D 10: Designed for smaller systems, this model features a directly controlled valve with an FPM seal, a compact design, and a maximum capacity of 10 m³/min.


ALM-D 100: Tailored for larger systems, it ensures dependable performance, energy-efficient capacitive level control, and a maximum capacity of 100 m³/min.


Both models are corrosion-resistant and come equipped with alarm functions, effectively preventing energy losses and corrosion.


Condensate produced during the generation of compressed air is often contaminated with oil. To prevent environmental contamination, it’s crucial to separate oil from this condensate.


Our ALM-OWS series of oil-water separators are designed to effectively remove oil from compressed air condensate. This is achieved through a multi-stage separation process and advanced filter elements, resulting in a residual oil content of less than 10 ppm.

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