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Dryer Solutions for All Needs: From +3°C to -70°C PDP.
Explore ALMiG's versatile range of dryer solutions, catering to various air quality requirements, with dew points ranging from +3°C to -70°C.

RLM-RD Refrigerant Dryer.

ALMiG refrigerant dryers efficiently tackle compressed air moisture by cooling it to condense and remove water vapor. With consistent performance, even in demanding conditions, these dryers are essential for achieving desired air quality, preventing moisture-related issues that impact equipment performance. 


Ideal for industries prioritizing optimal air quality, such as manufacturing and automotive, ALMiG’s refrigerant dryers provide a reliable solution to address water-related concerns, ensuring clean and dry air for your operations.

Almig ALM-CCDA (c)

The ALM-CCDA series offers cost-effective compact adsorption dryers, ensuring high air quality where needed. Their reliable technology guarantees uninterrupted production, safeguarding compressed air tools and enhancing safety for downstream machines.


The ALM-CCDA C Varient offers an Adsorption dryer with an additional activated carbon stage for oil-free air in a single packaged item.


The ALMiG ALM-CDA represents a highly efficient twin-tower welded vessel heatless desiccant air dryer, featuring high-performance molecular sieve technology. This versatile dryer is designed for optimal energy efficiency and can be installed with or without energy load-dependent control, providing flexibility to suit specific operational needs.


Two parallel containers with desiccants facilitate continuous drying. ALMiG heat regenerating adsorption dryers use long-lasting, high-performance desiccants to achieve low pressure dew points. A vacuum system offers energy-efficient heating by allowing water to evaporate at lower temperatures.

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