Almig F-Drive

Ensuring Consistent System Pressure with Unmatched Energy Efficiency and Space Optimization with Almig's Market-Leading Speed-Controlled Air Compressor

Energy saving air compressor by Almig. Save money with compressed air speed controlled screw air compressors in Aberdeen Scotland.

Almig F-Drive 6 - 75

Discover a harmonious blend of energy conservation and space efficiency with ALMiG’s proven F-Drive air compressor.

Almig’s F-Drive series, featuring energy-saving speed control facilitated by an oil-cooled permanent magnet motor.


Paired with a highly efficient compressor stage and intelligent control technology, our solution not only meets but exceeds the evolving demands of the future, delivering outstanding performance with minimal noise disruption.

Technical Insight

The Almig F-Drive is well-suited for a diverse range of applications, spanning from small-scale workshops to large industrial operations. It ensures optimal efficiency with its speed control capabilities, effectively reducing energy costs.

5.5 to 75 kW Energy efficiency class IE4


0.33 - 6.98 m³/min


5 to 13 Bar


Direct Drive Speed Controlled


Air Control P


Optional Heat Recovery

Solid Build Quality

F-Drive series, featuring energy-saving speed control through an oil-cooled permanent magnet motor. This series incorporates a highly efficient compressor stage, intelligent control technology, and operates at the lowest possible noise levels. 


Ideal for applications where a small, compact, and exceptionally quiet compressed air system is needed, the F-Drive series ensures efficient and versatile air generation which will exceed your energy-saving expectations

50 Hz
F-DriveOperating PressureVolumeRated motor powerLengthWidthHeight
65 - 130.330.945.56606901586
85 -
115 - 130.231.84116606901586
155 - 130.232.38156606901586
185 - 130.423.5218.57908001757
225 - 130.424.11227908001757
305 - 130.936309408501805
375 - 130.936.98379408501805
455 - 130.888.3445130511051890
555 - 131.5510.7755139511552000
755 - 131.5614.1775139511552000

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