Almig Filtration

Ensure your air quality is in line with your expected ISO8573-1 quality classes with Almig filtration products


ALMiG Cyclone Separators ensure high-quality compressed air in industrial settings by effectively removing liquid water and impurities caused by humidity and condensation. Integrating these separators, especially for systems with refrigeration dryers downstream, prevents excessive condensate from entering the dryer, preserving its effectiveness. Using centrifugal forces, the separators efficiently channel water and dirt particles into a designated collection space, promoting cleaner and more dependable compressed air. With ALMiG Cyclone Separators, optimize your compressed air system’s performance and overall operational efficiency.


ALMiG Line Filters are the solution for maintaining pure and high-quality compressed air, vital for diverse industries. These filters efficiently eliminate impurities like particles, moisture, and oil aerosols from the air stream. Clean compressed air is essential for reliable pneumatic equipment and machinery operation, preventing malfunctions, enhancing efficiency, and reducing maintenance costs. In sectors like manufacturing and automotive, these filters play a crucial role in preventing product contamination.

Carbon Towers

ALMiG’s ALM-AC & ALM-CAC activated carbon adsorbers deliver oil-free, neutral-tasting, and odor-free compressed air. Specially formulated activated carbon ensures effective removal of oil vapor, achieving a residual oil content of ≤ 0.003 mg/m³. These adsorbers provide exceptional operational safety and longevity, with a service life of approximately 9,000 operating hours. Experience consistent maximum performance, safety, and air quality, ensuring reliable oil removal even under demanding conditions. For those addressing oil content challenges, ALMiG’s activated carbon towers offer a reliable solution to ensure the purity and safety of your compressed air supply.

Filter TypeModelParticle SizeEfficiency Residual Oil Content Residual Water
(Particle with 1µm)(Liquid form)(Liquid form)
Micro FilterAFM199.9850.1No Present
Sub Micro FilterAFS0.0199.999990.01No Present
Activated Carbon FilterAFC--0.003No Present

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