Almig G & V Drive T

Explore Enhanced Efficiency with Our Two-Stage Air Compressor Series: Introducing the G-Drive and V-Drive Models.

Almig G & V Drive

Discover ALMiG’s revolutionary two-stage high flow air compressor, a pinnacle of energy-efficient air compressors.


This advanced technology sets new benchmarks with superior performance, offering a balance of higher volume flow and lower input power consumption.


The unique airend design integrates two stages into a single element, optimizing rotor speeds through an efficient gear drive for enhanced efficiency, durability, and reliability.


With a compact footprint aligning and with Industry 4.0 standards, the series ensures a seamless user experience. Its controller facilitates integration with common industrial systems, or users can opt for cloud services for remote monitoring from any location.

Technical Insight

The G & V Drive air compressor range delivers enhanced flow rates and energy efficiency, surpassing conventional single-stage air compressors.

90 to 315 kW


6.58 to 62.7 m³/min


5 to 13 Bar


Gear Driven. Speed Control Optional


Air Control HE

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