Almig Lento

LENTO Series: Purity Redefined for Critical Industries.

Almig Lento

Experience Exceptional Purity with Our LENTO Series: 100% Oil-Free Compressed Air for Critical Applications.


With a compression process that uses only water, LENTO ensures the highest quality air for industries like pharmaceuticals, food production, electronics, and healthcare.


The speed-controlled direct drive optimizes cost-effectiveness by matching volume flow precisely to your air needs.


Plus, the integrated refrigeration dryer guarantees a low pressure dew point, potentially eliminating the need for a separate unit and reducing water and maintenance costs. Our clean and eco-friendly solution meets ISO class 0 standards, certified according to DIN ISO 8573-1:2010, ensuring pure air quality.


Dust particles are efficiently washed out by water, and clean condensate can be directly discharged into the sewer system. LENTO also operates at lower temperatures, thanks to efficient heat transfer via water, reducing energy consumption for compressed air generation.

Technical Insight

The Almig F-Drive is well-suited for a diverse range of applications, spanning from small-scale workshops to large industrial operations. It ensures optimal efficiency with its speed control capabilities, effectively reducing energy costs.

15 to 110 kW


0.72 - 20 m³/min


5 to 10 Bar


Direct Drive Speed Controlled


Air Control P

50 Hz
LentoOperating PressureVolumeRated motor powerLengthWidthHeight
155 - 100.722.381518808501660
185 - 100.722.9318.518808501660
225 - 100.723.442218808501660
305 - 100.724.23018808501660
315 - 102.045.0830230014001560
375 - 102.046.1437230014001560
455 - 102.047.1345230014001560
555 - 102.048.1955230014001560
465 - 102.497.3645275014001769
565 - 102.499.5855275014001769
755 - 102.4912.4675275014001769
765 - 104.2612.9275358016001930
905 - 104.2615.7990358016001930
1105 - 104.2620.01110358016001930

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