Almig XP

Whether you need a belt-driven, gear-driven, or variable speed drive air compressor, Almig’s XP series has got you covered. Explore below to discover more about Almig’s Belt XP, Gear XP, and Variable XP compressors

Almig flexible air compressor in Fife Scotland. Reliable compressed air for all sizes small and large air flows.

Almig XP

Technical Insight

Versatile and adaptable, the Almig XP range is crafted to meet various applications and configurations. Whether employed as a single compressor system or integrated into a network of compressors working in tandem, it ensures a cost-effective and reliable compressed air supply.

5.5 to 200 kW


0.48 - 35 m³/min


5 to 13 Bar


Belt, Gear or Direct Drive (Fixed Speed or Speed Controlled)


Air Control P

Belt XP

The BELT XP screw compressor system, featuring robust components, ensures consistent high performance and operational safety 24/7. Equipped with a low-maintenance V-belt drive, these compressors provide efficient and reliable operation. Designed for longevity and low maintenance costs, our fixed-speed compressed air systems make these screw compressors suitable as base-load compressors for continuous operation. The BELT series, with intuitive ALMiG controls, is easy to operate, and its maintenance-friendly design keeps service costs manageable. Optimize your compressed air solutions with the BELT XP series.


Gear XP

Engineered for optimized volume flow, this series ensures superior energy efficiency and extended service life for critical components. Featuring an encapsulated gearbox and adaptive motor speed, GEAR XP excels in low rotational speeds and noise insulation. This feature makes it an ideal choice for installations where noise levels are critical, offering versatility in various environments. Our commitment to a maintenance-friendly design and energy efficiency guarantees a dependable and efficient compressed air system throughout the product life cycle.

Variable XP

Featuring an integrated frequency converter, our specially designed motor operates at the optimal speed required to generate the necessary compressed air, eliminating costly idle times. Our latest development optimizes the cooling air flow, enhancing the reliability and service life of components. With additional sound insulation, the unit can be installed in noise-sensitive environments.  ALMiG SCD technology—Speed Control and Direct Drive—offers maximum economic efficiency with up to 35% energy savings.

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