Compressor Service

Regular maintenance and proper servicing of your compressed air equipment is essential for sustaining reliable and efficient system performance. 

Oil Changes

Filter Changes


Health Checks


Service Plans

We offer a variety of service plan level to meet your individual needs


AirPlan Plus

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Almig AirCare Warranty
5 Year warranty

Available with all new Almig compressed air products

What We Can Do For You

At DLJ aim to provide a trouble free, transparent service. 

Health Checks

Secure the lasting performance of your compressor through our routine inspections and lubrication services. Our skilled technicians conduct thorough examinations, lubricate critical components, and replenish oil as needed to thwart wear and tear. This proactive approach minimizes the likelihood of sudden breakdowns. We also employ precise data recording for ongoing system monitoring, ensuring optimal functionality over time.

Compressor, Dryer & Filter Services

Sustain peak air quality and system efficiency through our comprehensive service. Beyond timely air and oil filter replacements, our offerings extend to meticulous oil changes and valve overhaul, ensuring your compressor operates at its best. We also provide specialized dryer and line filter services, optimizing moisture removal to safeguard equipment. Our expertise further encompasses efficient condensate management, addressing and mitigating potential issues to maintain the integrity of your entire compressed air system.

Personalized Service Plans

Experience the utmost in care with our personalized service plans designed to meet your unique requirements. We understand that one size doesn't fit all, and our commitment is to craft service plans that align perfectly with your specific goals and preferences. From routine maintenance schedules to specialised support, our personalised service plans ensure that your compressed air system receives the attention it deserves, maximizing efficiency and longevity.

Emergency Repairs and Troubleshooting

When unexpected issues arise, count on us for prompt and reliable emergency repairs. Our skilled technicians are equipped to tackle urgent problems with efficiency and precision, ensuring minimal downtime for your compressed air system. From rapid troubleshooting to on-the-spot solutions, our team is dedicated to resolving emergencies swiftly, giving you the peace of mind that your system is in capable hands.

Manageable Payments

Take control of your budget with our manageable payment options. We believe in providing financial flexibility without compromising on the quality of service you receive. Our customisable payment plans cater to your specific financial preferences, ensuring that you can comfortably invest in the maintenance and optimization of your compressed air system.

Customer Training and Support

Empower your team with knowledge. We provide customer training sessions to enhance awareness of proper compressor usage, routine maintenance checks, and troubleshooting techniques, fostering self-sufficiency and minimising the need for external interventions.

Why Us

We take pride in our service. Our aim is to provide a friendly, trouble free and transparent service to all our customers

Transparent & Friendly

At the heart of our principles lies a commitment to complete transparency. Rest assured, our sole objective is to assist you by offering accurate information, enabling you to make informed decisions for your compressed air systems. We pride ourselves on being open and approachable, fostering an environment where your needs and understanding take center stage.

Competative Pricing

Our commitment to supporting businesses of all types and sizes is reflected in our pride for offering competitive prices. We understand that each business has unique budgetary requirements, and that's why we provide a range of options to accommodate your specific financial needs. Our goal is to ensure that our services remain accessible and beneficial to a diverse array of businesses, fostering long-term partnerships built on mutual success.

Over 40 Years Experience

Established in 2024 with over 40 years of collective experience in the compressed air industry, our team brings a wealth of knowledge honed through years of hands-on involvement. Our UK-wide network of industry specialists is dedicated to meeting your every need, ensuring that our relatively new establishment is built upon a foundation of seasoned expertise for top-tier support in the compressed air sector.